The project objective is to enhance opportunities for employment and access to socio-economic services, while improving the public expenditure management systems in the participating states.

Project Beneficiaries

The main beneficiaries of the project are the four state governments with selected ministries, departments and agencies and communities in Bayelsa, Edo, Rivers and Delta states.

Specifically the direct beneficiaries of Component A – Youth Employment and Access to Socio- Economic services – are mainly youths who are unemployed and/or seeking to be trained in vocational and technical courses in order to find jobs or set up on their own, the technical and vocational training institutions themselves and the state ministries of education and agriculture.

In addition, the state agencies responsible for public works and waste management will be provided with technical assistance for their oversight function on the sub-component for youth employment. The beneficiaries of the CDD sub-component one(1) are community groups and associations in the four participating states, including farmers, women groups and youths in the rural areas.

The PFM component will provide technical assistance to support reforms and capacity building in MDAs that deal with state public finance. These will include offices and staff of Ministries of Budget and/or Economic Planning, Finance, Due Process/Public Procurement, Board of Internal Revenue and State houses of Assembly.

The Project Development Objective will be assessed by
I. Number of people employed under SEEFOR youth employment program in participating states (dis-aggregated by self-employed, formal employment, and gender).
II. Number of people with access to services supported in targeted communities (dis-aggregated by specific services: water points, classrooms, electricity connections, improve sanitation facilities, etc.)
III. Percentage deviation of actual aggregate expenditure from budgeted expenditure in the participating states.
IV. Percentage of public contracts above threshold awarded through competitive process in each participating state

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