State Employment and Expenditure for Results (SEEFOR) Project is an intervention of the World Bank aimed at creating employment for youths in Delta State through small Public Works activities like Road Maintenance and Waste Disposal among others.

It will also provide financial grants to six Technical and Vocational Institutions in order to assist in improving the environment in order to achieve accreditation of some of their courses and prepare their graduates for self employment.

The Project also assist Communities with financial grants for Community Driven Development Sub-Projects.  in addition the Project assist the Fadama III Agricultural Project to improve on their current achievements.The project is financed with credit from the International Development Association (IDA) and grant from the European Union (EU) as well as counterpart fund from participating States.

It has three main components; A: Youth employment and access to socio-economic services, B: Public Financial Management (PFM) Reforms and C: Project implementation Support and coordination at both Federal and States levels.

The component A is further divided into sub-components.  Under component A1: the project seeks to enhance youth employment opportunities through small public works. A2: Provision of grants to Technical, Vocational and Agricultural Training (TVAT) Institutions and A3: provision of grants for Community Driven Development (CDD) initiatives.

Component B seeks to build a viable Public Financial Management system in participating States.

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